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Inferhn 07:57
INFERHN There is nothing except time that you're trying to grasp. Your world - the desire to have time and be on time. Your cough brings vomiting. You spew that day, lounging in a pool of shit material concerns. Clock hands shake the consciousness. Don’t have time. No strength to run. You're on your knees, crawling... In the hope of reaching the limit and stop hurry, brain already decomposed by feeble purposes – eat, shit and fuck. You can’t be content with less - you need more. All must say how cool you are. You claim to prove your place in the sun. Trying to convince that you're not a pariah. (2x) Where is no sun and heat. Where a cold-blood numbers and greed. Where there is never enough time. Where targets are being drawn on you. Choking Retching Belching Yourself. Eat Your Shit. (2x) You Late. Already Never. No time for you. (2x)
KULTTH TORMENTR I - the pain in the light of ruined stars. I - a sign of hope extinguished. I - the horror of your nightmares. I - the plague infected your life. Everything you’ll touch - I will torment you. By fear, doubt and lies Whatever you took over - it will bring you agony, annihilation, ruin and darkness. I - your flesh, which you don’t belong. I - your mind that you succumb to Kultth Tormentr I - your soul, which you have long forgotten. I - the one who has turned your life into anguish. I will torment you forever. (2x) People like you - millions. Foolish, careless, covetous. It was me, who have united you all and gave you the bread. (2x) What a pleasure to rape you all. Every hour, every minute... Putrid scum, cancer of that earth. Who fear to lose the crowd. I will torment you forever.
Nokturahl 05:05
NOKTURAHL My open eyes soften tear fallen soil. Black drops by dark furrow fill my ears. Dried lips compressed by the ground’s heaviness. The facial nerves twitching to the beat of rolled lumps. Heavy clay is softened by saliva. My throat fills with black lava. (2x) Don’t bring me flowers. Leave me here to wither. Last sobs. Just a few breaths left. The last heart beats. The ripple of pallor veins. Night - where the dark. Dark - where’s the depths. Depths - where I'm alone. (2x)
LUCIR STORMALAH Someone has said that there is a God and the Devil. Someone somewhere was talking about the great wisdom. There were cults and faith that led the masses. And are still those who believe in all this nonsense. And there was a savior who will come and forgive. And there was one who rose up against him. There is nothing else in the world. This is something for which we serve today. That inevitably pursues every minute. This magical light from our hands. They were more who are insipid and forsaken. Now it's time to divide all of them. Put each in a coffin and give glowing screens, Denying the ability to talk and see. Personal Jesus. Private Lucifer. (2x) Lucir Stormalah… Now there is a bright and shining light. A magical glow that everyone wants to have. (2x)
BELIATH TODH GRIMR Vessel of iniquities. Receptacle of blemish. Inventor of evil Deeds. Virtuoso of perverse Arts. Master of Strife, kindling the flames of Lust. Fashionable Gentleman molesting children. Pleasant Stranger who talks with us during Mass. Beliath Todh Grimr (2x) God, who worship Atlántida. Architect cult of desolation and lies. Demon of Passion and Lust, Who brought sodomites into the Temple. First Esthete of Hell bringing a pleasure of Death. Infinite Lord of the Earth. Cruel Beast of Man. Our God and Dream. Our Mind and Flesh.



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ISGHERURD MORTH - |<Iz-ge-rur Mort>|
are Ghoul, Res and Pitom.

Ghoul - Romain Goulon (Necrophagist / Benighted / Stench Price)
Res - Max Konstantinov (Heavenwithus / Stench Price / Kamlath)
Pitom - Peter G. Shallmin (Stench Price / Escapethecult / Kamlath)

Having created the quirky and contradictory project STENCH PRICE, the high-tech French drummer Romain Goulon (NECROPHAGIST, BENIGHTED) and the Siberians Max Konstantinov (KAMLATH) and Peter Shallmin (ESCAPETHECULT) bring forth their brand new project ISGHERURD MORTH.

Their debut album “HELLRDUK” reflects the bands personal vision of Black Metal by paying homage to the 90’s second wave sound and blending it with modern blackgaze elements.
Delivering 5 intense tracks ISGHERURD MORTH throws the listener into a deep soulside journey interlaced with esoteric lyricism.

The final and standout point of the “HELLRDUK” debut release is the art concept that has been genuinely handcrafted by XUL1349.



released March 12, 2021

"Hellrduk" was created by Ghoul, Res and Pitom.

Recorded in September-October Anno 2016.
Additional arrangements and lyrics by Pitom.
Mixed and mastered by Vladimir Ryaposov and Pitom at Di-Art Studio, Siberia, Krasnoyarsk.

Art direction by Xul1349 and Pitom.
Illustration and layout by Xul1349.

Produced by Peter Shallmin for CULTKR.


"In a word, it’s fascinating."

"Aggressive, emotional and catchy as all hell!"

"...an innovative and most strange black metal...an incredibly auspicious beginning" - Dutch Pearce


"This is phenomenal. Wonky, progressive black metal with a woozy, post-rock/shoegaze vibe at points." - Dom Lawson - METAL HAMMER

"... this is GREAT. Really excellent stuff." - Kim Kelly - THE GUARDIAN, PITCHFORK, THE NATION...

" ...the Russian's grasp of dynamics and ability to shape-shift is genuinely dazzling." - Dom Lawson - PROG UK

"... Now furiously grandiose, now mysteriously disturbing ..." - ROCKERILLA

"Furious pummel that gives way to expansive meditative blackgaze" - Brian Turner (GIMME METAL Program Director) - GIMME METAL'S Top Tracks Of The Week

"A compositionally adventurous album... a challenging listen, but a deeply rewarding one." - Brad Sanders (BANDCAMP, The Metal Show on Bandcamp Radio) - The Best Metal On Bandcamp: March 2021

"Genuinely beautiful and hypnotic" - CVLTARTES

"...Extreme and elegant, versatile within its own signature, the band's debut album reveals itself in a journey made through somewhat esoteric paths and with a lot of ground to explore." - 4/5 - METAL HAMMER PORTUGAL

"... a swirling mass of charred brutality that draws directly under your skin like a nasty rush, with every lick and spit smeared in old school narcissism." - 4/5 - Paul Castles - ZERO TOLERANCE

"...Long ago I hadn't listened to an album in this style" - 9/10 - Xuaterc - COREandCO

"...there’s room for the trio to expand upon these ideas even further and put even more of a unique stamp on the genre." - 8.7/10 - METAL TRENCHES

"Un album d'une grande richesse" - 8.5/10 - Romain Lefèvre - NEW NOISE

"Black metal with a suit-and-tie." - 8.5/10 - INVICTA MEDIA

"...real folk work to exude an atmosphere..." - 8.5/10 - FEMFORGACS

"... this is not your garden-variety black metal album..." - 8/10 - AVE NOCTUM

"... an intriguing album that invites (obliges!) more auditions" - 8/10 - Fernando Ferreira - WORLD OF METAL

"... An album of smoke-shrouded rituals and esoteric lore, tapping into that sense of The Beyond that so much of the best black metal does. It’s in this sense that Hellrduk truly stands out... " - ASTRAL NOIZE UK

"... it’s one of the more unique and esoteric albums you’ll hear this year, truly carving its own space into the pantheon of modern black art with obsidian claws. Astonishing debut!" - BLACK METAL DAILY

"... a heavy compositional element that goes much deeper than what you would think ...a technicality and almost orchestral element (although no orchestra) ...and I’m here to tell you it’s worth checking out." - Chris - NINE CIRCLES

"... a sound map that highlights the precious treasure while concealing the intricate paths to reach it." - METALITALIA

"... So fantastic. So intelligent." - LACHRYMA CHRISTI

"There is great depth of feeling on the album that seeps through the cracks of this raging entity." - MOSHPITNATION

"..."Hellrduk" is not an album of easy, aggressive and dissonant sound while remaining quite faithful to elements of the black of the nineties without giving up a certain dose of experimentation." - BLACK METAL SPIRIT

"Improbable meltings the band unveils on Hellrduk gives us a glimpse of madness, but above all skills the musicians developed to create their sound." - ACTA INFERNALIS

"Hellrduk is a fascinating work and reveals a multitude of layers and unexpected sounds on repeated, and necessary, listens." - BLEAK METAL

"... absorb you in its darkness and win you with its modernity, as it escapes the traditional borders of the genre." - THE GALLERY (GR)

"... A splendid album, of a great originality while being absolutely accomplished." - LE SCRIBE DU ROCK

"...There is a quite strong “solar” resplendence, intensely technical and yet deeply breathing blackgaze that promises to be taxing and curiously enjoyable." - GRIZZLY BUTTS

"... the avant-garde and atmospheric aspects of black metal make the album’s soundscape darker, more vicious and more dynamic." - HEAVY MUSIC HEADQUARTERS

"... a very great sounding avant garde and technical mixture of black metal and blackgaze" - OCCULTBLACKMETALZINE


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ISGHERURD MORTH Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Ghoul - Drums
Res - Guitars
Pitom - Bass / Guitars / Vocals

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